student transportation

Every child is the only one that needs to be overwhelmed.
It is our primary duty as Ersetur Tourism to ensure that the children you entrust with your future will travel with confidence and peace with the accompaniment of trained service drivers. It is our mission to provide safe and efficient student transportation through planning, cooperation, and dedication. More than 20,000 students in total ride a big – or little – yellow school bus or taxi to and from school daily. The fleet of buses cover more than 5 million kilometers every year. Our students affected minimal from that we were in traffic provision of secure transportation to and from training on schools and homes, all our leverage is very important.When the main line to succeed to the Governorship of Istanbul and Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) have set a rule in line reliablyIt has filed design. We work in Istanbul, Kocaeli and Gebze.
As Ersetur Turizm; , we have mobilized our knowledge and experience for many years so that our precious babies can travel safely Ogrenci Tasimaciligi.
We will not be keeping your most valuable assets behind us with our state-of-the-art technology programs, educated cadres and modern vehicle fleet.
Choose Ersetur Turizm; for a safe and comfortable journey on time.
Student service transportation is a special service and responsibility. Being aware of its responsibilities, Ersetur Turizm keeps the security of our future children ahead of everything else.

All of our drivers and hostesses are trained in all the necessary job training and job security training prior to each training session. It is our primary duty to comply with the terms and obligations arising from the legislative and administrative regulations in student service delivery.

Our carefully selected drivers and service guides are passed through standard trainings so that students can be picked up from their homes on time, left to their schools on time, and made a safe journey.

-Your child is taken from the designated address every morning and the same adrese is delivered at the exit of the school. Excluding roads, excavation work, streets that can not be entered and return, parking areas and extraordinary situations.

-The students wait for the time to be filled if they have come before the time that the driver gave them, and when they are full, they go to the reception point and check that the student has come. If the student does not come after waiting for 1 minute, the vehicle will move.

-It is forbidden to take anyone but the students and teachers to the service vehicles.

– The service driver and the guidance staff can not inform the driver that the vehicle has come by opening the phone, stealing the horn or stealing the bell. It is the responsibility of the driver to be at the reception point of the watch at the appointed hour to prepare the student to ride the service 5 minutes before the given time.

– If the student is to be taken by his or her parents or if he / she will be taken by the school-leaving parent, the service driver must be informed.

– If the student leaves another adrese on the route of the same vehicle, the service driver should be informed of the other school if the adrese is left on the route of a different vehicle.

– a transport manager on behalf of the company is permanently at school. All organizations are conducted by the transport manager, depending on the general discipline.

-The transportation managers follow the road and weather conditions and inform the drivers by establishing a telephone chain if necessary or by sending a mass messaging system from our company.

-We ensure that our backup vehicles are switched on in case of any malfunction.
Our vehicles;
Stop on side sliding windows
Automatic sliding door with sensor
3 point safety belt
4 point safety belt in kindergarten vehicles
“Neck Corset” for passengers
Information cards
Emergency Plans
Emergency Package
Driver Controlled Camera System

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